Yuemin Xin

About Yuemin Xin

Yuemin Xin is an artists, and Chinese cultural expert. She was born in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia in China. She has found her life's calling is to pursue and share the wonders of her home culture with the world. She has engaged in a lifelong pursuit to perfect her painting, calligraphy, traditional music, and cooking. 

Yuemin has been participating in art and calligraphy competitions since she was a small child, and has won numerous awards and honors. In 2012 she became the last apprentice of painting master Zhang Zhishu, the great-grandson of Yehenara Natong. Thus continuing the line of Yehenara Natong's art tradition, dating back to the Qing Dynasty.

As a child, she was trained in playing the GuZheng a traditional Chinese musical instrument from time immemorial. Her music has been featured in multiple cultural expose`, radio shows, and performances.

She was taught how to cook by her mother at a young age and continuously yearned to learn as many recipes as she could throughout her life. As she grew older her father would often challenge her by presenting her with food from the finest restaurants with the expectation she would be able to reproduce each dish the following week.

Recently she has moved to America. Since then she has been an active member of the local arts and international communities. Her goal is to share her passion for traditional Chinese culture with the world through her art, music, and cooking. 

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